Love Stories: Karen & Paul

  1. Judy Chmielewski says:

    Definitely learned some ‘neat stuff’ about two of my favorite people in the world! Thanks for sharing and the pictures are terrific. One minor correction (or I was left out of the loop) I don’t believe ANY of the bridesmaids made their own dresses. If they did I owe a big thank you to the kind seamstress that sewed mine for me. Your a a very good wordsmith, Jeanne – and a terrific niece!

    • You’re right, Aunt Judy!! My mom told me the same. Now I gotta check, maybe she sewed them?

      • Karen Schirmer Coon says:

        YOUR COMMENT…nobody made their dresses it was bad enough trying to come to decision about which ones to pick. They cost $35 each and I remember sliding down the wall and sitting on the floor in the dressing room because all the bridesmaids had opinions and finally I said I’m picking the one you’re wearing! Done deal! And that was the hardest preparation I was involved in.

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