BWE Love Stories | Bill and Jean Schirmer

  1. Kara says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Love learning more about your and Jay’s grandparents. So inspiring. xo

    • I really enjoyed writing this Kara! Thanks for reading it. My grandmother always had a habit of surprising you, but finding out how quickly she and my grandfather tied the knot… well that one took the cake!

      • Anne Marie says:

        YOUR COMMENT…Fun to hear from your grandmother’s point of view! I have heard parts of the story from your dad’s 2 youngest sisters– about pulling that wedding together in such a short time. Good thing he had so many sisters!!!! 🙂

    • Karen Schirmer Coon says:

      I just love their story! And I loved them so much.

  2. Judith Chmielewski says:


  3. Judith Chmielewski says:

    YOUR COMMENT…Love this story. Your folks definitely represent some of the “greatest generation”. Interesting that your mom’s mother and my mom’s mother died so young and left their daughters to be guided by their grandmothers. Your grandfather and grandmother were definitely a class act! So happy we got to know them as part of their extended family. Thanks for sharing.

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