Bogath Weddings and Events is about to bring you the best engagement gift ever!


You will receive wedding planning advice from industry experts and be eligible for fun giveaways while you get a jumpstart on your wedding planning.

Each week, we will have industry experts serve as guest speakers in our exclusive FB group and will be providing you with wedding planning education and guidance. We will help answer your questions and share our insight with you to make sure you avoid the most common wedding planning pitfalls. We are here to help you plan the perfect big day with as few headaches as possible.

During the JumpStart, you will have direct access to a community of wedding experts and fellow engaged couples to help you plan your wedding. By the end of the JumpStart, you will have plenty of resources to help you tackle all your to-dos, and access to a community of experts and fellow engaged couples to help you along the way.

We know you have questions. We have answers! 

Frequently Asked Questions

It's more than a Facebook group, I can tell you that! I've carefully curated a group of wedding experts in different wedding categories to provide you with advice and education. Why? Well, it's simple: We want you to have the most amazing day! And even if you choose to work with someone else, we want you to have the best wedding planning experience ever.

What is the BWE Wedding Planning Jumpstart?

First, let's be real: There's no way I can plan your wedding in a FB group. Right? Right! This experience is going to help you plan your wedding! I believe, down to my core, that everyone should have expert, trustworthy advice at their fingertips. As this group grows, we will be creating a library of knowledge for future couples to glean. I don't believe that it replaces a wedding planner. No way! But, I believe every couple should have access to information and a community that will help them to plan the day of their dreams without having to cross their fingers and hope that Google served them well. If you ultimately do decide you want to work with BWE, we’d love to have you! 

You're a wedding planner. Why are you about to give me free wedding planning?

Probably not. It would be a challenge for even the most seasoned professional. I've done it. It can be done. But that's not our goal, and it shouldn't be your's. We want to give you a jumpstart.

What we want to do, is provide you with educational content and a resource. One (sometimes two) topics per week. So that when it's time to hire your vendors, you have a really good idea of what you need to do first, and how to do it right. This will save you time. And many times, it will save you money! 

Will I actually plan my entire wedding in 6 weeks?

A group of wedding professionals who are industry experts and will provide you with free educational content. (Don’t worry, they won’t be giving you a hard sell - it’s in the rules!) The group will also include couples like you who are getting married in NJ. You will be encouraged to connect regarding wedding planning, ask the questions you’ve been wanting to ask, and share your experiences to help others in their planning.

Who is in the Facebook group?

When we have something awesome to give away, you just have to be in the group to be eligible. If you decide it's something you don't want, that's cool (some couples might already have what we are giving away), just let us know and we will pick another winner. No biggie. We know our sponsors and we are pretty sure they are gonna have some pretty awesome stuff that they'll want to shower you with.

How do I win the Giveaways?


MEET Jeanne Coon-Bogath
Owner & Lead Planner of Bogath Weddings & Events

Hi! I'm Jeanne and I am a wedding & event planner specializing Long Beach Island and the Jersey Shore.

I've been working for the past 5 years focusing on creating beautiful weddings celebrating family, love, and tradition on LBI's 18-miles of beach. BWE prides itself on expert design and planning. We have created some of LBI's most unique weddings and events, and we have worked with the most amazing vendors from the Jersey Shore. 

I'm thrilled that you are joining us for The 2020 NJ Wedding Planning JumpStart!

xoxo, Jeanne